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Welcome to Art Directions by Marti Wiese Rounds
Marti’s unique gift for color and artistry manifests itself throughout her professional career as an acrylic painting and batik artist and textile designer. As an Asian Pacific and Hawaiian island artist and textile designer in Oahu, Hawaii, Marti has had the opportunity to share her creative eye and unique perspective with her audience through Art Directions. Her company provides her with a platform to retail her Hawaiiana art while catering to custom textile design projects including tropical fabric designs, industrial Hawaiian uniform textile design, and home staging and decorating services.

Her areas of expertise include:

In 1994, Marti discovered her innate talent for painting one-of-a-kind batik watercolors. Her experience as a colorist shows in her subtle tones and sophisticated palettes. Dazzling jewel tones are thoughtfully balanced with neutrals and soft pastels. Her Hawaiian art pieces are dramatic enough to catch the eye, but peaceful enough to use in interior design.

Marti also creates semi-abstract acrylic Hawaiiana paintings that display current and charming retro imagery of Hawaii. Celebrating the timeless nature of Hawaiian scenery, Marti focuses on landscapes, the ocean, beach subjects and floral inspiration, but she also incorporates classic Hawaiian people: surfers, hula girls, and paddlers. Finished pieces are offered for sale, and she also accepts custom commission work, often designing pieces around the color themes of the commercial or residential space in which the finished art will be displayed.
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For more than a decade, Marti held the position of art direction for Honolulu’s G. Von Hamm Textiles. This has given her the knowledge and expertise necessary for making decisions about colors and design for Hawaiian print designs. Eventually, this led to her transition into a more active role, which includes creating artwork for fabrics and uniform textiles on a freelance basis. She continues to design vibrant tropical prints with a sense of refinement for many high-end industries, including some of the most prestigious hotels in Oahu. She currently accepts freelance textile design work upon request. Please contact Marti if you are interested in commissioning a design.
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Home staging is a natural extension of Marti’s design aesthetic. Art Directions is part of the staging company, Alii Staged Properties, LLC., whose professional and accredited stagers offer their expertise in presenting your home to look its best in today’s market. Marti’s artistic touches add warmth and beauty that help homes to stand out and sell more quickly. Alii Staged Properties is available to help you show off your home’s best features.

To learn more about Marti Wiese Rounds, a premier Asian Pacific/Hawaiian Island artist and designer in Oahu, Hawaii, contact her today at (808) 263-2121 or marti@inparadise.com.
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