Happy Holidays Update

Happy holidays to everyone reading this update! This has been the best year yet for Marti and her beautiful art. She would like to thank all of the people who have supported her, attended her shows, and especially those who have purchased art. Marti would like to extend an invitation to her latest show at Assaggio, located at 354 Uluniu St, Kailua, HI 96734 . A selection of her art is on display now until late February 2020. You will see a lot of different work and some new pieces at Assaggio in Kailua. The food is delicious too!


Marti was very busy with shows throughout 2019. Windward Artists Guild Ultra Show II wrapped up in January 2019, the prior year’s Assaggio show was on display through February, quickly followed by Kalapawai Cafe in Kailua, “Unchained” at Gallery on the Pali, concurrent with her main art show for the year in September at Ho’omaluhia botanical gardens. As the year drew to a close, she participated in the Windward Artists Guild Member Show in October, and presently she is showing again in Assaggio until late February. The Ho’omaluhia show especially was well-attended and garnered a lot of positive comments. Many of us think it was her strongest show yet! Here is a little peek at what it looked like.

Ho’omaluhia Show Entry
Ho’omaluhia Show 2019


One of the most important pieces Marti created this year was a beautiful sunrise painting, as seen above. She worked on it off and on for 4 years. It is her largest piece in acrylic to date, measuring 4 feet wide on a large panel. As she completed the painting in a yellow and brown color theme, she felt it was not right. She kept adjusting the various tones but it did not make her happy, so she would set it aside and try again later. After almost 4 years of this type of quandry, some of the areas had been repainted 5 or more times. She took the most drastic action possible and decided to paint a whole new color scheme, which meant painting the entire image again, retaining little to nothing of the old colors. Boldly, she painted over the entire huge surface again. The work progressed rapidly, and her intuition was correct – it looked amazing! The new colors were richer and more harmonious. Marti finished it 3 hours before a dinner party. One of the guests saw her work and it was sold immediately only three hours after the paint dried! It was on lend for the Ho’omaluhia exhibit and that was likely the only time it will be seen in one of Marti’s exhibits. Four years to make, and three hours later it already sold. It was gratifying to see so her efforts appreciated and rewarded so quickly!

That wraps up 2019 for now. Best wishes in 2020 from Marti!