Happy Holidays Update

Happy holidays to everyone reading this update! This has been the best year yet for Marti and her beautiful art. She would like to thank all of the people who have supported her, attended her shows, and especially those who have purchased art. Marti would like to extend an invitation to her latest show at Assaggio, located at 354 Uluniu St, Kailua, HI 96734 . A selection of her art is on display now until late February 2020. You will see a lot of different work and some new pieces at Assaggio in Kailua. The food is delicious too!


Marti was very busy with shows throughout 2019. Windward Artists Guild Ultra Show II wrapped up in January 2019, the prior year’s Assaggio show was on display through February, quickly followed by Kalapawai Cafe in Kailua, “Unchained” at Gallery on the Pali, concurrent with her main art show for the year in September at Ho’omaluhia botanical gardens. As the year drew to a close, she participated in the Windward Artists Guild Member Show in October, and presently she is showing again in Assaggio until late February. The Ho’omaluhia show especially was well-attended and garnered a lot of positive comments. Many of us think it was her strongest show yet! Here is a little peek at what it looked like.

Ho’omaluhia Show Entry
Ho’omaluhia Show 2019


One of the most important pieces Marti created this year was a beautiful sunrise painting, as seen above. She worked on it off and on for 4 years. It is her largest piece in acrylic to date, measuring 4 feet wide on a large panel. As she completed the painting in a yellow and brown color theme, she felt it was not right. She kept adjusting the various tones but it did not make her happy, so she would set it aside and try again later. After almost 4 years of this type of quandry, some of the areas had been repainted 5 or more times. She took the most drastic action possible and decided to paint a whole new color scheme, which meant painting the entire image again, retaining little to nothing of the old colors. Boldly, she painted over the entire huge surface again. The work progressed rapidly, and her intuition was correct – it looked amazing! The new colors were richer and more harmonious. Marti finished it 3 hours before a dinner party. One of the guests saw her work and it was sold immediately only three hours after the paint dried! It was on lend for the Ho’omaluhia exhibit and that was likely the only time it will be seen in one of Marti’s exhibits. Four years to make, and three hours later it already sold. It was gratifying to see so her efforts appreciated and rewarded so quickly!

That wraps up 2019 for now. Best wishes in 2020 from Marti!

Only Three Days More to View Marti’s 2018 Hoomaluhia Show

overview-hoomaluhia-MartiIn honor of her 50th reunion, Marti held her usual Ho’omaluhia art show a couple of months early to allow her to share it with her classmates.


It’s been an annual tradition for approximately 20 years to show her artwork at Hoomaluhia.  Soft, lovely batiks, and vivid acrylic paintings hang in a beautifully staged show complete with potted plants from Marti’s garden and ikebana floral arrangements from Hoomaluhia flower arrangement classes.


As usual, her show is excellent and features some beautiful new work.  If you can, you should plan a lunch break to Hoomaluhia to catch the show before Saturday, June 30 when the show will be changing.


Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden Art Gallery
45-680 Luluku Rd,
Kaneohe, HI 96744
(the gallery is near the visitor’s center)

Open daily 9 am – 4 pm.

Marti Revives a Classic Fabric

One of Marti’s most interesting recent projects was to select and design a fabric, contribute revisions to the design of a t-shirt graphic, and translate the graphic to a banner graphic (seen below) for her 50th reunion at Punahou School, one of Hawaii’s most prestigious schools.


Punahou has a tradition of diverse and beautiful fabric designs.  School spirit is off the charts, so the whole class will usually invest in some fabric and make dresses, shirts, bags, table runners, etc… from the fabric.  A couple of years ago, Marti’s design with night blooming cereus, and a vignette of the school was lauded for its excellence.  This time, she wanted to evoke some nostalgia with the shirt design, so she opted to revive a classic fabric, originally by Alfred Shaheen circa late 50’s to 60’s.


Since printing is digital now, there is no way to simply continue making new fabric from a vintage print unless you are willing to draw it all over again in the correct digital program to modernize the printing files.  Marti did an amazing job of interpreting the original fabric design.  The classic shirt print had 36 squares, but Marti changed the type of repetition and dropped the count slightly to 30 blocks.


One of her amazing talents is her broad knowledge of Hawaiian fabric designs and the trends today and over the span of her career as an art director and designer. This ability to select and adapt the classic Punhou pattern resulted in a snazzy-looking (and very generous) class!


Congratulations Class of ’68!  What a fabulous reunion!

Marti in Midweek; Marti at Hoomaluhia!

Aloha all,

What an eventful time for Marti!

In June, the Punahou reunion held an alumni art show that Marti participated in.


In September, she was in Midweek, featured in “Long on Art” column for September 6, 2017 – in time to remind everyone to go see her beautiful, vibrant show at Hoomaluhia.

You can read the column here:  http://midweek.com/pdf/Windward/2017/0906/html5forpc.html?page=3

(It’s on page 3 and page 4 if that link isn’t taking you to the correct page.)

Marti’s annual Hoomaluhia show will be on display until September 29. Head’s up: next year, Marti will be displaying in June instead of September and she won’t be solo!  That’s a big change!  Be sure to catch this September 2017 solo show so you can see her latest works and the “classic format” before she changes things up for 2018.

Marti will also have a couple of pieces in the annual WAG member show, which is also held at Hoomaluhia.  The WAG member show will be on display October 1 – 28, 2017. A reception for the artists will be on Saturday, October 21, 2017 from 4:00 – 6pm.  Please come join us in celebration!


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You are Invited to Marti’s Annual Show at Ho’omaluhia Gallery

Hoomaluhia Show Entrance
Ho’omaluhia Show Entrance

Come on over to Ho’omaluia Botanical Gardens and see Marti’s art exhibit. Featuring both acrylics and batiks, her stunning work is once again very beautifully displayed. The gallery is free to visit, and is surrounded by acres of beautiful gardens

Art by Marti Rounds at Ho'omaluhia gallery
Art by Marti Rounds at Ho’omaluhia gallery

With 49 beautiful pieces in a variety of color schemes, there is something for everyone’s interest, from vintage Hawaiiana, to botanicals, landscapes, paddlers, and hula dancers. The show runs the September 1 – 30, 2016 from 9 AM -4 PM. Marti is there on the weekends and sometimes on Wednesdays 🙂 ENJOY!!

Art by Marti Rounds at Ho'omaluhia gallery
Art by Marti Rounds at Ho’omaluhia gallery

Marti at Assaggio’s Restaurant in Kailua; Another Midweek Cover

Marti has a large show up in the Assaggios restaurant in Kailua.  The display will run from March 6, 2016 – June 1, 2016.  Don’t miss it!

In other news, Marti’s beautiful textiles are once again on the cover of Midweek.  Only a few weeks after her prior Punahou textile was shown on the cover story of Midweek, members of the Moana hotel staff and management were on the cover also wearing Marti’s designs.

Midweek Moana Cover


Marti’s Punahou Print on the Cover of Midweek!

Marti’s Punahou print, designed in honor of Punahou’s 175 years of educational excellence, is on display all over Oahu now.  Dresses, shirts, and accessories all have been made with the beautiful gold and buff material. Most recently, the fabric made an appearance on James Scott on the cover of the latest Midweek from January 28, 2016. Looking great!  I’m sure if you go to the Punahou carnival, you will see it many times over the course of your visit to the festive campus!

Midweek Cover January 28, 2016
Midweek Cover January 28, 2016

Punahou Print

PunahouPrintThe 175th anniversary textile that Marti designed for Punahou has been very well-received. Featuring the beautiful night blooming cereus in the school’s colors, it is a big hit with the alumni and students. As you can see from the photos, it is beautiful and well-balanced from a distance.  It is also gorgeous close up!  It has subtle details of the hala trees at the spring and other school imagery in the blue background.  It’s very intricate close up, but because of Marti’s design choice to make the details blue on blue, it doesn’t feel busy or distract from the graphic impact of the cereus.

Punahou has been hard at work using it for many wonderful products.

Ray Hironaka announced: “This Beautiful Fabric is Available in the BookStore, “by the Yard”, so all of you seamstresses can Design and Sew your own 175th Outfits!!! Also in the bookstore are 175th Caps, Polos, Tees,,,,, more styles will be available at the Punahou Carnival in February 2016!!!”

The print is only available for a limited time at the Buff and Blue Store:


Here is the original post on Facebook:


Marti’s Latest News

It’s been a wonderful first half of 2015 for Marti!

Marti’s latest art exhibit still has a few days left! It runs (March-June 12) at Assagio’s Kailua featuring her batiks.

Marti was also juried into the Windward Artist’s Guild exhibition at The Place’s Jardin Gallerie which was on display throughout May of 2015.

The renovated Diamond Head Tower of the Hilton Hawaiian Hotel is now finished with acrylic works from Marti’s “Retro Hawaii” series on each floor in the elevator area. (see photos above)

The Star of Honolulu is redoing their decor and has chosen four each of Marti’s batiks and acrylics.

The current (free) issue of Hawaii Wellness Magazine has images of Marti’s batiks on the cover and the Table of Contents page.

Hoomaluhia Show 2014

Marti will be holding her annual show at the Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden Art Gallery (located at 45-680 Luluku Rd, Kaneohe) throughout the month of September. The beautiful gardens are a fantastic setting for Marti’s batiks and acrylic paintings. She will be featuring new work in both mediums. Please drop by if you have the opportunity and enjoy the sophisticated color palletes of Marti’s beautiful work!

Midweek Archive: Ho’omaluhia show 2012


Kailua Artist’s Unique Snapshots: From Beach Days To Elvis Posted on September 19, 2012 by Nicole Kato

Kailua artist’s “Retro Hawaii” exhibit at Ho‘oma- luhia Botanical Garden gallery showcases beautiful paintings of the Waikiki Beach Days of the 1930s and ’40s, as well as the ’60s.

“I named it that because I started painting some of the old Waikiki Beach surfing photos of the past,” explained Marti Wiese Rounds. “I decided I would paint them and do a new twist. I tried to use a photo that was recognizable, but I used a different color scheme and have an unusual technique and style.”

Modernistic is the term Rounds uses to describe her artwork, which has a somewhat abstract rendering. “I say it because you can still recognize that it’s a person, or it’s Diamond Head, but it’s done in a different way. The way that I rendered them, you can’t tell who’s who.

“I’ve got Elvis in there when he was in Hawaii making movies, and I also have some old restaurants, and I painted their matchbooks — restaurants like Coco’sandTahitianLanai.”

About 65 people attended the show’s reception Sept. 9 in the park visitor center, and Rounds was pleased with the turnout and reaction. “I’m proud of it, but I was just absolutely beaming with their reactions to what they were seeing, and what I had done. It

was really fresh and new, and I think that’s what’s needed in the art community.”

For more than 15 years, Rounds was the stylist and colorist at G. Von Hamm Textiles, but during her time here she never created any art. “I always had a whole art staff that did everything, and they’re very good, so I was intimidated,” she confessed. But since her time there, she has followed her own path as a freelance textile artist, creating many works that bring a sense of peace to the viewer.

“The photographs are so flat,” said Rounds, “yet when you really see the paintings in person, it draws you in. It’s very unusual.”

“Retro” also features Rounds’ fabric florals, in which the dye that goes on to the canvas becomes like watercolor.

The show is open through Oct. 3, and the public is invited to watch Rounds demonstrate her techniques from noon to 2 p.m. Sept. 29-30.

For more information, email the artist at marti@inparadise.com or call 233-7323.

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Hoomaluhia Show Wraps up for 2012

Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s show at Hoomaluhia.  It was great to see everyone at the reception!  We have a YouTube video – a Quick Kine KJK production  detailing the show for those who could not be there.  Take a look and you’ll see some of my newest works.

Marti Rounds Art Show 2012

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